Cool Unique Dog Names for Big Bulldog Puppies

Here are cute, cool, unique dog names for puppies with big bulldog builds. These include: Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Bull Mastiff dogs, English and American Bulldogs.

Find perfect cute names for your dog.

Dog Names

Picking out the perfect name for a dog or puppy is a lot of fun. Here are some things to keep in mind when naming a bulldog or French bulldog or other muscle bound puppy.

Dogs have an easier time learning one or two syllable names.

According to some experts, dogs with one or two syllable names are easier to train.

Two syllable names, ending in a vowel, are the easiest name to yell, when calling a dog.

Remember that bulldogs and muscle dogs need a big name with a big personality.

Don’t use a dog’s name when punishing him or her.

Good Dog Names

To give a Bulldog, Rottweiler, or Bull Mastiff a great name, there are some things to avoid.

Don’t give a name that is like a command. Nola is a cute name but it sounds like NO.

Cutesy names, like Poopsie Doopsie, may be fine at home, but the owner should remember that he or she will have to yell the name at the top of his or her lungs, no matter how embarrassing it may be.

Some owners like to avoid top ten names, because 50 dogs may show up looking for dinner.

Unless going for a great laugh along with a big smile, and many people do, most Bulldogs shouldn’t be given names like Tiny or Tinkerbell.

Bulldog Names

Here are some good names for either a Bulldog boy or Bulldog girl. There are so many that it’s impossible to come up with a list of the best.

  • Alloy, Alpha, Amtrak
  • Clunker
  • Ham, Happy
  • Lucky
  • Soda, Spike (very Punk)
  • Tonka (author’s favorite female English Bulldog name), Tuba, Tug, Tundra

Male Names For Dogs

Here are some great bulldog names, that will help a potential dog mom or doggie daddy start making a mental list of cool names.

  • Atilla, Axel or Axle, Ammo
  • Bam Bam, Baron, Biker, Brinks, Bruiser, Butkus
  • Diesel, Dozer (Bulldozer)
  • Packer (football)
  • Sarge, Studley, Sumo (like a wrestler)
  • Tank, Tanker, Trucker
  • Yukon (truck)

Female Names For Dogs

Lots of names for males can also be used for females, like “Mrs. Atilla” or “Yukon Sue”. Then just call the little girl by the “boy” name.

  • Amazon (Amy for short), Apple
  • Babe, Baloo, Blondie, Blossom, Bombshell, Bootsie
  • Cookie, Cowgirl, Cricket, Cream Puff
  • Duchess
  • Garbo, Grable
  • Henna
  • Ruffle, Ruffles
  • Boy Puppies

Dog lovers are trending toward human names for their pups. It’s hard to go wrong when making little Wilbur or Ben a part of a loving family.

  • Abner (the father is a light), Amos (burdened)
  • Barton (barley town), Baskin, Begley, Bentley (anything like a big car, truck, boat, etc. is great for Bulldogs), Biff, Billy (desire, helmet protection), Bruce, Brutus (heavy, slow, foolish), Bubba, Buster (top ten, a perfect bulldog name), Butkus
  • Cody (top ten), Clooney (an intriguing rogue)
  • Donald (world rule), Dougal (black stranger)
  • Emmet (universal strength)
  • Harley (heap of rocks), Hogan (descendent of Ogan)
  • Ike
  • Jack (top ten, God is gracious)
  • Mack (truck), Manley (a clearing), Max (top ten), Murphy (hound of the sea)
  • Nelson (son of the champion), Nolan (noble)
  • Otis (wealthy, one who hears well)
  • Rocco (battle cry), Rocky (top ten), Rodney (renown island), Rufus (red, red hair)
  • Samson (sun), Scully (town crier)
  • Tully (prince of the people)
  • Victor (conqueror)
  • Winston (joy stone)

Girl Puppies

It seems like a lot of girl dogs are picking up little girl names. How cute to bring home the baby and give her a real name.

  • Agnes (chaste), Alberta or Berta (noble and famous)
  • Babs (strange), Bella (top ten), Bertha (famous bright), Betty (vow to God)
  • Dagmar (dear, beautiful), Daisy
  • Hilda (battle, war), Hortense (garden)
  • Lola (top ten, sorrow), Lucy (top ten, light)
  • Ida (work)
  • Keegan, Keely (beautiful)
  • Mabel (loveable), Maggie (top ten, pearl), Mona (little noble one)
  • Olga (holy)
  • Rosie (Rose), Ruthie (friend)
  • Sadie (top ten, princess)
  • Wanda (wanderer)
  • Zelda or Xena

Names For Taller Dogs

These names, of course, can be used for any dog. Some of these seem to be really good for a taller pooch like an American Bulldog, Mastiff, or Rottweiler. Just rely on the dog’s personality and his or her character.

  • Baxter, Bomber, Bogart (orchard), Buddy (Top Ten)
  • Danny (God is my judge), Duke
  • Charlie (top ten, free man), Clyde
  • Ghengis
  • Jake (top ten, held by the heel)
  • King
  • Ranger (gamekeeper), Redneck, Riley (rye clearing)
  • Thunder, Toby (top ten, God is good)
  • Zeus
  • Ginger (spring), Gracie (good will)
  • Lily

Bulldogs are so cute, that it’s really hard to go wrong in naming them. Male or female, they are just the most adorable things on the planet.

Updated: January 4, 2020

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