English Bulldog: All About The Breed

Also known simply as the Bulldog, the English Bulldog is a friendly and loyal breed. But how do you know whether you are ready to purchase a pet and if this breed is right for you? This information is absolutely necessary in making the decision to purchase a pet.

History Of The English Bulldog

The origin of the English Bulldog can be traced back to 17th century England. Enthusiasts believe the breed to have originated much earlier, though this has never been proven scientifically or otherwise.

Throughout its history, the breed has been most commonly kept as a companion, proving its superior abilities to provide gentle friendship.

During the 18th and early 19th centuries, the breed was known for being a fighting breed. Dog fighting was outlawed in England in 1935, threatening complete extinction of the breed. Credited for saving the English Bulldog are several unknown breeders and breed enthusiasts, gathering breed-able specimens and working for years to repopulate the breed to the stable numbers it currently remains at.

Today, while the English Bulldog has attained an underground popularity as a companion dog, the breed remains somewhat rare world wide.

Personality Traits

Best known for its friendly and outgoing nature, the English bull thrives on strong and dependable relationships with humans. As a pet, they are obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate. These dogs require little exercise when fully grown and adapt well to indoor living.

English Bulldog Puppies Are Stubborn 

Although they are extremely cute, English bulldog puppies are also extremely stubborn. While other dogs may be overjoyed to learn tricks and please their owners, the bulldogs couldn’t care less. The breed is difficult to train because frankly, they just aren’t interested in what you’re trying to teach them. Also, the bulldogs aren’t very active and they overheat easily. If you’re walking your bulldog on a leash, be prepared for a long journey because your bulldog will sit a lot to take breaks. They are very good with children (I would argue the best with children), but they aren’t as energetic as other breeds, so they lose steam quickly.

English Bulldog Puppies Are Expensive

If you’re considering buying an English bulldog puppy, you have no doubt searched the internet only to find that this adorable and lovable breed comes at a cost. English bulldog puppies can run anywhere from $1,000 up to $7,000, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for that pretty puppy. One of the reasons why English bulldog puppies are so expensive is the breeder’s veterinarian bills.

English bulldogs do not breed in the typical manner, so in order to impregnate a female English bulldog, she has to be artificially inseminated with the help of a veterinarian. Also, female English bulldogs cannot deliver bulldog puppies naturally because their heads are too big, so the English bulldog puppies must be delivered via Caesarean section. This process can get quite expensive for the breeder, so consequently, English bulldog puppies cost significantly more than other breeds.


Due to its need for human attention and eagerness to please and impress its owner, the English Bulldog generally responds well to basic training and commands. This breed is very bright and has the ability to learn to perform most any task its trainer is willing to take the time to teach.

Establishing immediate trust and respect is key to successfully training the English Bulldog. These dogs respond best to a stern yet gentle approach by a patient and caring handler.

Pros of The English Bulldog

There are many benefits to owning an English Bulldog, such as its no hassle, low maintenance coat. These dogs are very intelligent and capable of learning to perform many impressive tricks and tasks.

When properly socialized from a young age, the English Bulldog gets along well with small children and other pets, making friends quickly, and known for its gentle approach to children.

This breed only requires moderate amounts of exercise and adapts well to indoor living. The English Bulldog is obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate, making an excellent family pet and companion alike.

Cons of The English Bulldog

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to owning an English Bulldog. While this breed only requires moderate amounts of daily exercise, they do need room to run and play on a regular basis, especially when young.

Anyone wishing to purchase this breed lacking the adequate amount of time and space to dedicate to the dog is strongly advised against doing so. An English Bulldog not receiving the proper amount of exercise and space will often act out by destroying property, chewing, barking, whining, and ignoring basic training such as housebreaking.

Like many companion breeds, the English Bulldog is known to suffer from separation anxiety. Individuals seeking to purchase this breed who travel frequently, have full time work, or are away from the home on a daily basis are advised to begin researching another breed. During an attack of separation anxiety, the English Bulldog will act out of nervous destruction and may destroy property, chew, bark, whine, and ignore housebreaking training.

As previously mentioned, the English Bulldog remains somewhat rare world wide and can prove difficult to obtain. Individuals wishing to purchase this breed often encounter such challenges as inability to locate a breeder, extremely high prices, and being placed on long waiting lists.

Common Health Concerns

Due to the their body type, they are prone to have walking difficulties and joint pain as they age. English bulldogs cannot run for long periods of time because it hurts them. They also require constant cleaning of the wrinkles on their face because food and bacteria can become trapped in the folds around their mouths, causing infections, so it’s important to wash your bulldog’s face daily with a damp cloth.

The breed is notorious for having breathing difficulties and have a tendency to sound like a pig when they are sniffing and sleeping.

Consider yourself forewarned when I tell you that English bulldogs have wretched, horrible gas problems. Because English bulldogs swallow so much air through their smashed-in noses and the fact that they have digestive problems, their gas issues are off the chart. Good luck to you if you’re planning on allowing your English bulldog to sleep in the same room with you at night.

Hopefully, I have not scared you away from wanting to own an English bulldog puppy. Yes, they have their own set of concerns and characteristics, but their pros outweigh their cons. English bulldogs are loyal and loveable dogs for the whole family and I’m sure as soon as you have an English bulldog in your family, you’ll develop “bulldog fever” like I did. English bulldog puppies are too irresistable!

Now that you know all about the breed, do you think you are ready to own an English Bulldog? Remember, purchasing a pet is a big decision and should be discussed thoroughly and seriously with your entire family.

Updated: January 4, 2020

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