Your dog spends the majority of its life in your backyard. So your backyard has to be a good environment for your dog. How does your backyard rate?

Consider this, if you walked your dog 2 hours a day, 7 days a week most dogs still spend around 90% of their life in the backyard.

There is always something we can do to improve our dog’s life at home. Many owners work all day; come home and then go out again or have a family to look after.

Even if your dog gets its walk every day it spends much time alone and will quickly become bored. Then the dog problems can start .

To avoid dog problems, or to cure a bored dog problem, take a look at your backyard and how it is set-up. It is your responsibility to provide a dog friendly environment. Ask yourself:

  • How would you like to live here if you were a dog?
  • What is there for your dog to do while you are away all day?
  • Is there adequate shelter?
  • Is the backyard dangerous in any way; e.g. chemicals left lying around?
  • What condition are your fences in?

Cure Your Dog’s Backyard Boredom

It really is simple to change your dog’s quality of life while you are not home. Here are some tips to help your dog to keep themselves occupied while you are not home:

Can your Dog see Outside its Environment? A dog that has a view of the world going past will be a happy dog and keep them entertained for hours. Can you dog see out? What is stopping it from seeing into the front yard? Quick Fix: Add a section of see-through fencing for your dog.

How much Space is in your Dog’s Backyard? What does your backyard look like? Are there lots of places your dog is not allowed to go? How much space does your dog actually have? Quick Fix: Give your dog its own activity areas and include things like a sandbox with treats buried in the sand, a paddling pool in summer, a box of toys and some plants to break up the monotony of a bare backyard.

Is your Backyard a Safe Space? Are your fences safe? Is there rubbish, old wire or old chemical bottles lying around that can get your dog into trouble? How often do you clean up after your dog? If you find your backyard an unpleasant place to be then I can guarantee so will your dog. Quick Fix: Have a big clean-up so you, your family and dog can enjoy the space together.

Does your Dog have its own Home Outside? If you leave your dog in the backyard for hours at a time then you need to provide it with a safe, warm/cool place to shelter from the weather. Quick Fix:Every dog should have its own kennel to use outside. Yes, some dogs do not use a kennel so provide a good dog bed in a sheltered area. Position the kennel or bed close to where they can watch their family go about their daily lives.
Implementing a few of these ideas will keep your dog well-balanced and happy while it has to be outside away from you; and will help avoid dog problems developing from boredom.