The 10 Best Apartment Dog Breeds

When looking to adopt a new dog, you always want to take into consideration whether your new pet will be an indoor, apartment dog  or an outside dog. When looking at different breeds you want to consider the activity, maintenance and quietness of the type of breed.

#1 €- Pug

One of the best indoor breeds is the Pug. Pugs are relatively a small breed, and have a wonderful disposition.They usually get along well with any other dogs, cats and children.

The pug is cute in an “only a mother could love” kind of way. The pug is playful, stable, dependable, calm and good natured. This dog instinctively seems to know when it will benefit him to act mature, and when to act sweet or silly. Pugs are black and fawn, with a rare color not often found of silver.

The pug is stubborn, and may take up to six months to housetrain. You may also find him stubborn as you attempt to train him in other ways as well.

The pug does not require a lot of exercise. As a matter of fact, breathing difficulties may keep him from exercising for long periods of time. That’s why he makes such a good apartment dog. Read all about the Pug here.

#2 – Mastiff

The Mastiff is considered a very gentle breed and have a very low energy level due to their massive size. They are calm and even tempered and make great family pets

#3 €- Greyhounds

Greyhounds will also make a great indoor dog, and are considered the “couch potato” of dog breeds. Greyhounds are considered mellow, calm and quiet.

#4 – Schipperke

If you live an active lifestyle the Schipperke might be the breed for you. They are highly intelligent and curious dogs, and have a high amount of energy. They will need several walks a day and lots of indoor activity.

#5 €- Bichon Frise

If you want a tiny toy dog a great one to get would be the Bichon Frise. They are known for their playful and gentle nature, being very social with humans and other animal, and are considered a quiet breed.

The Bichon dates back to the 1300’s and probably originated in France. The name means “Bichon with the curly coat.” The Bichon is one of the Non-sporting group and was used mostly for amusement and status in ancient times. The dog joined the American Kennel Club in 1972.

The Bichon is full of fun and excitement, friendly and cuddly.

His curly fur coat means little to no shedding. This is a frisky dog but not overly exuberant so it can fit in with almost any environment. The dog comes in white only, enjoys parking and has a hearty appetite to keep it going for a day of fun.

Terrific family dog. The Bichon Frise is lively, curious, friendly and gentle with lots of energy and frisky. Loves to be with people. The Bichon is highly social and needs to be around people and even other dogs. This is not a good dog to leave alone all day. They can have “separation anxiety.” They need to be part of everything going on.

#6 €- Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s are another small breed dog that does excellent indoors. Chihuahua’s do have big attitudes which may lead to some barking issues, and might be better suited for a home and not an apartment.

As a reminder, not every Chihuahua will fall under the “stereotype” Chihuahua. Many owners have and absolutely adore their dogs. As with all dogs, some will fit the stereotype while others do not even come close.

The Chihuahua is cute, comical, entertaining, small and easy to carry – this is one cute dog in a tiny little package. But this package has some drawbacks. Health risks and personality risks require that you know your Chihuahua before you take him home.

If you have small children, a Chihuahua is not for you. These dogs are small and can be easily injured. They can also be afraid of loud noises and motion. Around children, a Chihuahua may begin defensive biting. Also note that a Chihuahua is known for being yippy, especially near unfamiliar sounds or people.

If you live alone, a Chihuahua may be a nice companion. This dog lives a long life if cared for well, and can become a loving baby to one who is alone and would love companionship. If you are rescuing or purchasing a new Chihuahua, get to know his or her personality before you buy.

#7 – Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are also a wonderful breed to consider for an indoor dog. They are playful and loving dogs with a 10 to 14 year life expectancy and are perfect for family pets.

Friendly, active, funny and charming. This sums up the personality of the Boston Terrier. You would never know that this breed was once used for dog fights! Originally bred from the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier – these were tough little guys in the ring. But today this dog is known to be good-natured and a nice family dog.

Your Boston Terrier will drool, and will most likely have some healthy flatulence. Due to his short face, he also snorts and makes grunting or snoring sounds.

The Boston Terrier is sturdy yet a small size. He loves to play games and chase balls. This is an active dog, but not known to be hyper. He does not require long walks, but enjoys being where you are and doesn’t mind being carried. They normally get along with other pets, however the male Boston Terriers may want to scrap with other unknown dogs.

Training – Potty training will take you up to six months with the Boston Terrier. This dog may be a bit stubborn, so plan on housebreaking to take a bit longer than with most dogs.

Exercise – The Boston Terrier loves to play games, ball and interact with you.  He does not require long walks or a great deal of exercise. This breed is a good apartment dog and loves to play with children.

#8 – Scottish Terrier

If you’d like an indoor dog that will guard your house but is sweet and loving to your family, the Scottish Terrier is a great pick! They can be territorial and will let you know when there are strangers around.

#9 – English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are also a great breed for indoors with their lazy attitude. They can be a more expensive breed, but are known for their loving and loyal disposition and make wonderful family pets.

Friendly, good with children and loyal. These three words describe the bulldog. The Bulldog is a nice family pet and does well in an apartment. He is loyal and does not fear anything – as a matter of fact, there are stories in which bulldogs have saved their owners’ lives.

Your bulldog loves attention, and is happiest when you are giving it to him. A bulldog might not be happy if he is alone all day and does not get lots of attention in the evening. He is an excellent watchdog, but remember he may want to scrap with unknown dogs near you. The bulldog is a friendly, good and loyal family pet.

The bulldog has a healthy amount of flatulence, and will drool as well as snore and grunt. He is not suitable for extreme temperatures of both hot and cold. The bulldog has a short face and may have breathing problems if worked too hard or left in heat or cold.

#10 – English Springer Spaniel

Last but not least is the English Springer Spaniel. These dogs are loving, gentle and very intelligent. If you have children, this breed is an excellent choice as they get along well with kids very well. This Spaniel is a moderate barker, lively and entertaining.

The English Springer Spaniel is friendly, sociable, intelligent and energetic. He is medium sized with either a flat coat or one that is wavy and feathered. The coat can be liver and white or black and white – with the white possibly having flecks of color. His tail is sometimes docked, and is always wagging.

Your English Springer Spaniel does best being around you and others. If he is left alone for too long, he may get himself into trouble with barking or destruction.. If you have a pool, you may find your English Springer Spaniel taking a swim, since the breed generally loves the water.

Updated: January 6, 2020

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